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Laguna JX|8 QuadTec: I Jointer - MJ8X72E-0130

by Laguna

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Introducing the Laguna JX|8 QuadTec I, a top-tier jointer that brings advanced features and innovations to enhance safety and ease of use in woodworking. This model, the 110 Volt 1.75 HP version, is designed for robust performance and accessibility in various workshop settings.

The JX|8 stands out with its Parallelogram Table Adjustments. This design feature allows table depth adjustments to travel along an arc, ensuring constant proximity to the cutterhead throughout its travel. This mechanism not only enhances the precision of each cut but also maintains consistent cutting depth for a variety of woodworking tasks.

Safety is a major focus of the Laguna JX|8, highlighted by the Emergency "Knee-Stop". This innovative feature incorporates a body-length bar at knee height, enabling the operator to shut off the jointer swiftly at any point along the front of the machine while maintaining contact with the workpiece—crucial for urgent stoppages without sacrificing control.

The ergonomic redesign of the JX Series machine body introduces a "toe-kick", allowing users to stand closer to the machine tables. This ergonomic enhancement facilitates safer and easier movement along the length of the machine, improving user comfort and operational safety.

Addressing the needs for handling longer materials, the infeed tables on the JX|8 are now equipped with pull-out support rollers. These rollers provide essential support for extended materials, easing the process of feeding large or unwieldy workpieces through the jointer.

At the heart of the JX|8's cutting capabilities is the QuadTec I Cutterhead, standard on this model. Known for producing exceptional surface finishes, even on challenging hardwoods, the QuadTec I utilizes 4-sided carbide insert knives. These inserts are not only quieter but also offer enhanced durability compared to traditional HSS knives. The convenience of rotating the knives for a new cutting edge without a knife setting jig further simplifies maintenance and increases productivity.

Practicality extends to the built-in wheels, eliminating the need for a separate mobility kit and making the jointer easy to move within the workshop. Additionally, the machine's durability is reinforced by its cast-iron tables and fence, ensuring stable, vibration-free operation over many years.

The Laguna JX|8 QuadTec I is more than just a jointer; it is a sophisticated tool designed to meet the high demands of modern woodworkers, combining cutting-edge technology, user-focused design, and safety enhancements to deliver a superior woodworking experience.

Motor: 110V 1.75HP 1 Phase 60hz/15 Amp
CSA: Yes
Bed Size: 8″ x 72″
Infeed Table Pull-Out Extension: 8″
Rabbetting Capacity: 1/2″
Fence Size: 38″ x 4-¾″ Cast Iron
Fence Tilt: ±45/90°
Max. Depth Of Cut: 1/8″
Table Height From Floor: 31″
Safety Bar Shut-Off: Yes
Bracket To Mount Light: No
110V Outlet For Light: No
Bracket To Mount Feeder: No

Plug (NEMA 5-15P): Yes
Cutterhead Insert #: 20 x 4-Sided Carbide, 4-Row
Cutterhead RPM: 5500
Cutterhead Diameter: 3-1/8″
Bed Adjustment: Parallelogram
Dimensions Set Up (Approx): 75-1/2″ x 26-1/2″
Base Footprint Dimensions: 32-1/2″ x 15-1/4″
Shipping Dimensions:
40″ x 18″ x 26″ – 139 Lbs.
82″ x 25″ x 17″ – 319 Lbs.
(Two Boxes)

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