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Grizzly Portable HEPA Fume Extractor - G0953

by Grizzly

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The G0953 Portable HEPA Fume Extractor is an advanced solution designed to enhance the safety and cleanliness of various work environments, including those involving 3D printing, laser cutting on wood, plastic, steel, or aluminum, as well as welding booths and chemical hoods. This extractor is equipped with a sophisticated filtration system consisting of eight filters arranged within three chambers, ensuring the effective removal of smoke, fumes, and fine dust from the air.

One of the key advantages of the G0953 is its ability to maintain a healthy work area by carrying harmful smoke away through its comprehensive filtering process, which is especially beneficial in enclosed spaces where air quality is a concern. The inclusion of HEPA filtration technology, with a MERV-17 rating, allows it to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency, showcasing its capability to filter out extremely fine particulates that are much smaller than a human hair.

The extractor's design also considers environmental control within the workspace. Unlike traditional dust collectors or blowers that can expel heated or cooled air outside, the G0953 retains the existing air temperature, making it an energy-efficient choice for maintaining a comfortable and safe working environment.

With an upright design and equipped with casters, the G0953 is both space-efficient and mobile, allowing for easy relocation within the workspace as needed. This feature, combined with its robust filtration capabilities, makes the G0953 an essential tool for any setting where air quality is a priority.

Grizzly, a brand known for its quality machinery, backs the G0953 with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that the unit is free from factory defects and that customers have access to reliable parts and service. The accompanying manual, developed by Grizzly's U.S.-based Technical Documentation Department, provides comprehensive guidance for assembly, maintenance, and optimal use of the extractor, further emphasizing the company's commitment to user support and satisfaction.

Product Manual

Parts List

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  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V (prewired for 110V), single-phase, 9A/4.5A
  • Airflow capacity (6" inlet): 423 CFM @ 0.38" SP
  • Airflow capacity (4" inlet): 335 CFM @ 0.91" SP
  • Maximum static pressure: 7.84" at 0 CFM
  • First-stage filter: Pleated pre-filter, 2–10 microns
  • Second-stage filter: Bag, 1-micron
  • Third-stage filter: Pleated polyester, 1-micron
  • Fourth-stage filter: Activated carbon bag, Type 1000
  • Fifth-stage filter: Activated carbon bag, Type 3000
  • Sixth-stage filter: Activated carbon bag, Type 9000
  • Seventh-stage filter: Pleated prefilter, 2–10 micron
  • Eighth-stage filter: HEPA, 0.3 microns
  • Impeller: 12" Aluminum
  • Overall dimensions: 21-1/2" W x 29" D x 61-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 252 lbs.

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