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Grizzly Electric Sawmill - G0960

by Grizzly

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Introducing the G0960 Electric Sawmill, a game-changer for homeowners and hobbyists alike. This Shop Series mill is expertly designed to bring the power of lumber milling into your backyard or workshop. Running on standard 110-volt electricity, it eliminates the need for special electrical hookups or gas, making it both convenient and environmentally friendly.

With the G0960, you can produce your own lumber for a myriad of projects, whether you’re a hobbyist looking to create custom pieces or a DIY enthusiast undertaking construction projects. It’s perfect for turning small logs into usable lumber or making bowl blanks from fallen trees, offering a new level of creativity and self-sufficiency in your woodworking ventures.

This mini sawmill is capable of handling logs up to 13 inches in diameter and flat stock up to 13 inches wide. This range makes it versatile for various sizes and types of wood. The G0960 features two adjustable work stops that securely hold the log in place, ensuring stability during cutting. Additionally, a manually adjusted workpiece clamp prevents any movement during the cutting process, allowing for precise and safe operation.

Designed for quick setup and easy use, the G0960 boasts a rock-solid, steel track with adjustable feet, making it capable of leveling on almost any surface. The flexibility of this design means you can set up your sawmill in a variety of locations with minimal effort. The standard 6-1/2-foot-long track is modular, allowing for the addition of T33224 3-foot-long Bed Extension Rails. This modular system enables you to mill practically any length of lumber you need, adding to the machine's versatility.

Included with the machine are two T33778 Carbide-Embedded Sawmill Blades. These blades are known for their durability and precision, ensuring smooth cuts and a long lifespan.

One of the most appealing features of the G0960 Electric Sawmill is its storage-friendly design. Economical in terms of space, it is lightweight and compact, requiring less than a 4’ x 7’ storage area. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space who still want the capability to mill their own lumber.

The G0960 Electric Sawmill is not just a tool; it's an investment in self-reliance and the joy of woodworking. Whether you're milling lumber for personal projects or construction, this sawmill brings the capabilities of a lumber yard directly to your doorstep.



  • Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V, (prewired for 110V), single-phase, 14A/7A
  • Maximum log length: 43-5/16"
  • Minimum log length: 20"
  • Maximum log diameter: 13"
  • Minimum log diameter: 4"
  • Maximum cut width: 13"
  • Maximum cut thickness: 6-1/2"
  • Minimum cut thickness: 0.075"
  • Maximum cut height: 14-1/2"
  • Blade size: 84-1/2" x 3/4" x .025"
  • Blade speed: 2900 FPM
  • Track length: 78-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 44-1/2" W x 79" L x 64" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 585 lbs.

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