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Grizzly 5HP Cyclone Dust Collector - G0442

by Grizzly

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The G0442 5 HP Cyclone Dust Collector from Grizzly Industrial is a high-capacity, efficient system designed for the serious woodworker. Its cyclonic action expertly separates heavy dust particles from the finer ones, directing the larger debris into a spacious 55-gallon steel drum for easy disposal. This process not only enhances the efficiency of dust collection but also significantly reduces the need for frequent emptying.

The finer dust particles are captured by a high-performance cartridge filter made from spun-bond polyester, which boasts an impressive efficiency rate, filtering 99.9% of particles ranging from 0.2 to 2 microns in size. This level of filtration ensures that the air in your workshop remains clean and safe to breathe. The pleated design of the cartridge filter increases the surface area to 226 square feet, facilitating efficient air movement and preventing any significant drop in performance due to clogging.

For added convenience, a clear plastic bag collects the fine dust cake that is dislodged from the filter, ensuring consistent performance of the dust collector and simplifying the process of waste disposal. The system's design also includes casters mounted to the drum, making it incredibly easy to transport and dispose of larger chips and dust collections.

The G0442 features several other noteworthy elements designed to optimize its performance and durability. A vertical motor support significantly reduces vibration, enhancing the longevity of the system. The blower housing is constructed from thick-walled 11-gauge steel, and the cyclone body from 14-gauge steel, ensuring robustness and durability. Additionally, the blower can rotate 360°, facilitating effortless connection to a duct system. The dust collector is powered by a TEFC Class "F" motor, known for its reliability and efficiency.

Maintenance and operation are streamlined with a filter cleaning device that maintains optimum performance, and a magnetic switch with remote control adds a layer of convenience, allowing for easy operation across the workshop.

For woodworkers looking to achieve even higher levels of air purity, the G0442 can be upgraded with the T10880 HEPA Filter Kit, capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. This upgrade makes the G0442 a versatile choice for workshops requiring stringent dust control measures.

Overall, the G0442 5 HP Cyclone Dust Collector represents a blend of power, efficiency, and convenience, making it an excellent investment for woodworkers committed to maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient workshop environment.

Product Manual


  • Motor: 5HP, 220V, single-phase, 22.4A,
  • Intake hole size: 10" with 8" adapter
  • Impeller: 16" steel radial fin
  • Airflow capacity: 2184 CFM @ 1.9" SP
  • Maximum static pressure: 14.0"
  • Filtration: 0.2-2 micron
  • Filter surface area: 226 sq. ft.
  • Collection drum: Steel, 55 gallons
  • Sound rating: 83-86 dB
  • Overall dimensions: 63" W x 56-7/8" D x 111-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 632 lbs.

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