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Grizzly 16" 3 Phase Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw - G0504

by Grizzly

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This resaw is highly favored by lumber yards and manufacturers dealing with veneers due to its remarkable capacity for swiftly resawing large quantities of wood.

It boasts user-friendly operation controls, allowing the primary operator to easily adjust cut thickness and conveyor speeds. The digital controller offers the convenience of four preset height/thickness selections, streamlining the process. Once a thickness is set, different sizes of lumber can be fed in without requiring further adjustments.

The robust 30HP motor, combined with a thin kerf blade, effortlessly cuts through hardwoods with remarkable ease. The resaw can achieve cuts as thin as 1/16" and handles materials measuring up to 16" wide x 10" tall x 12' long. Its precision results in clean cuts that leave minimal saw marks, significantly reducing processing time.

Setting the hydraulic blade tension is a straightforward task, and the infeed and return conveyors are adjustable to suit your needs. When it comes to blade replacement, the process takes less than 2 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime.

The inclusion of ceramic blade guides not only enhances accuracy but also extends blade life, all while maintaining a clean and cool blade throughout operation.



  • Main motor: 30 HP, 220V/440V* (prewired for 220V), 3-phase, 72.9A/36.4A
  • Elevation motor: 1/2 HP, 1.94A/0.97A
  • Hydraulic pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 10" x 16"
  • Distance from blade to conveyor table: 1/4"–10"
  • Feed speed: 0–61 FPM
  • Saw blade size: 180" L x 1" W
  • Saw blade speed: 7300 FPM
  • Floor to table height: 40"
  • Infeed table: 106" L x 16" W
  • Infeed belt: 215-3/4" L x 15-1/4" W
  • Return table: 107-1/2" L x 18-1/2" W
  • Return belt: 215-3/4" L x 7-1/4" W
  • Wheel size: 28" dia. x 7/8" W
  • Dust port size: 2 x 4"
  • Overall size: 85" W x 108" D x 83-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 4325 lbs.

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