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Grizzly 13-1/2" Metal/Wood Bandsaw - G0621X

by Grizzly

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The G0621X 13-1/2" 1-1/4 HP Vertical Wood/Metal Bandsaw stands out as a versatile and efficient tool, merging the robust functionality of two distinct machines into one. This bandsaw is an ideal choice for workshops where space and efficiency are paramount.

A key feature of this bandsaw is its variable-speed drive, which allows effortless transition between wood and metal cutting. You can slow the blade down for precise and clean cuts in metal, or speed it up for efficient and smooth cutting in wood. This adapt

ability makes the G0621X a versatile tool, suitable for a wide range of materials and applications.

The incorporation of a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) inverter is a game-changer, offering 3-phase, variable-speed power while operating on a standard single-phase power source. This innovative technology not only increases the motor's efficiency, leading to reduced electricity consumption, but it also minimizes wear and tear. Consequently, this extends the lifespan of the bandsaw, making it a cost-effective and durable choice for any workshop.

Adjusting the speed of the blade is made user-friendly with a simple turn of a dial. The speed of the blade is conveniently displayed in Feet Per Minute (FPM) on a digital display, allowing for precise and tailored adjustments to suit various cutting requirements.

Blade changes on the G0621X are quick and hassle-free, thanks to the quick-release blade feature. This design enhances the saw's convenience and reduces downtime when switching between different types of replacement and resaw blades, which are readily available for this model.

The precision-ground cast-iron table of the G0621X enhances its functionality. It is designed to tilt 45° to the right and 5° to the left, allowing for a range of angled cuts and increasing the versatility of the bandsaw.

Furthermore, the bandsaw is equipped with three ball-bearing rollers in both the upper and lower blade guide assemblies. These are easily adjustable, ensuring the blade is always guided with precision, thereby enhancing the accuracy and quality of cuts.

The G0621X 13-1/2" 1-1/4 HP Vertical Wood/Metal Bandsaw is a testament to innovative design and functionality, making it a valuable addition to any workshop seeking a versatile, efficient, and durable bandsaw solution.


  • Motor: 1-1/4 HP, 220V, 3-phase (with inverter for single-phase power), 4.8A
  • Required power source: 220V, single-phase, min. 15A circuit
  • Throat capacity: 13-1/2"
  • Maximum cutting height: 10"
  • Blade length: 108"
  • Blade size range: 1/8"–1"
  • Blade size: 108-1/8"
  • Included wood blade size: 108" x 3/8" x 6 TPI
  • Blade speed: Variable, 150–3000 FPM
  • Table tilt: 45° right, 5° left
  • Floor to table height: 38-1/2"
  • Table size: 16" x 20"
  • Overall dimensions: 30" W x 30" D x 72-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 277 lbs.

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