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Shop Fox 20" Planer W/ Built in Mobile Base and Helical Cutterhead - W1754H

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Achieve superior woodworking results with the W1754H 20" Planer featuring a 5-row helical cutterhead. This powerful tool is designed to enhance the quality of your projects by delivering smooth and even surfaces, making your pieces more manageable and providing a professional finish.

Cutting-Edge Helical Cutterhead - The 20", 5-row helical cutterhead is equipped with 100 indexable carbide inserts. Each insert can be rotated three times, ensuring a continuous supply of sharp cutting edges for optimal performance.

Shearing Action for Quality Cuts - The inserts are angled slightly to the workpiece, promoting smooth shearing cuts, minimized tearout, and a finer finish. The design also contributes to lower noise levels during operation.

Robust Motor Power - A 240-volt, 5 horsepower motor drives the cutterhead, allowing it to make cuts up to 1/8" deep at full width or 6" wide.

Versatile Feed Rates - The 2-speed gearbox offers flexibility in feed rates, allowing you to choose between 16 and 20 FPM for either a smooth finish or higher production efficiency.

Built-In Mobile Base for Convenience - The planer features a built-in locking mobile base, making it easy to move and position in your workshop. The pedestal-mounted switch enhances operational convenience.

Precision-Ground Cast-Iron Table - The 55-5/8" long precision-ground cast-iron table, along with the cast-iron extension wings, provides a stable and supportive surface for your workpieces.

Additional Features - Return rollers, adjustable bed rollers, and a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection are additional features that contribute to the planer's overall efficiency and safety.

Elevate your woodworking capabilities with the W1754H 20" Planer, a robust and versatile tool designed for professional results.


  • Motor: 5 HP, 240V, single-phase, 19A
  • Maximum cutting width: 20"
  • Maximum cutting height: 8"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 3/16"
  • Minimum stock length: 8"
  • Maximum cutting depth: 1/8"
  • Cutterhead type: 5-row helical, 100 inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM
  • Feed rate: 16, 20 FPM
  • Table size: 20" W x 55-1/2" L
  • Overall dimensions: 43-1/2" W x 55-1/2" D x 45-7/8" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 924 lbs.