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Grizzly 150W 35"x51" Laser Cutter/Engraver - G0874

by Grizzly

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The G0874 150W 35" x 51" CNC Laser Cutter/Engraver from Grizzly Industrial stands out as a powerhouse in the realm of precision cutting and engraving. This machine is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease, thanks to its robust 150W CO2 laser. It's capable of swiftly cutting through a wide variety of materials including acrylic, plywood, leather, and much more, showcasing its versatility and strength.

The machine features a generously sized 35" x 51" vented table, providing ample space for large projects and materials. This, combined with the laser's capability to operate at speeds of up to 945 inches per minute, ensures that engraving tasks are not only possible but can be completed with exceptional speed and efficiency.

Precision is a hallmark of the G0874, with an autofocusing laser that guarantees perfect cuts every time. This precision is further enhanced by the machine's construction, which includes a stepper-driven gantry that glides on sealed cartridge bearing rails, allowing for intricate cuts and engravings with features as small as one square millimeter at a resolution better than 0.05mm.

Such capabilities make the G0874 CNC Laser Cutter/Engraver an invaluable tool for professionals and hobbyists who require speed, accuracy, and versatility in their projects. Whether it's detailed engraving work or cutting through thick materials, this machine is equipped to deliver high-quality results across a broad range of applications.



  • Power requirement: 110V, single-phase, 20A
  • X-Axis motor: Stepper, 5.8A
  • Y-Axis motor: Stepper, 5.8A
  • Z-Axis motor: Stepper, 4.2A
  • Laser type: Sealed CO2 laser tube
  • Laser power: 150W
  • Wavelength: 10,600nm
  • Laser focus: Automatic
  • Cutting speed: 0–945 in./min.
  • Minimum shaping character: 0.04" x 0.04"
  • Resetting position accuracy: +-0.002"
  • Maximum cutting height: 7"
  • Cutting accuracy: 0.05mm
  • Table dimensions: 51-1/2" x 35-3/4"
  • Worktable adjustment: motorized up and down table
  • Overall dimensions: 74" W x 61" D x 42" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 1288 lbs.

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